:: escape ::  helping families under scientology stress

Our work has evolved over 12 years and can cover a wide range of services. From a simple question [and naturally there are many asked] to a hands-on approach with a family working directly with the member [where possible] or helping interface with the Organisation. Over the years we have spoken to over seven hundred families and our help is often individulised.

Our understanding of the internal workings and policies of the organisation enable us to be in a unique position to advise on all issues

We have found the following general guidance and advice to be useful:

1. Always seek expert advice and guidance as soon as you are aware of any family members’ involvement in Scientology.

2. Educate yourself on the subject of Scientology; this does not necessarily involve any of their doctrinal issues.

3. In any conversation with the member regarding Scientology always be honest and open about your concerns.

4. Be aware that a member will usually display an irrational sometimes aggressive reaction when confronted with unfavourable statements or material regarding Scientology.

5. Be also aware that when talking on the subject of Scientology the conversation sometimes may appear to be irrational and can very quickly escalate to direct confrontation. When this occurs try to remain as calm as you can; if the situations becomes difficult withdraw until another time.

6. Talking to members can require a great deal of patience and understanding therefore try not to harbour within yourself any adverse emotions, albeit temporary, such as :-resentment, bitterness, anger, hatred etc.

7. Remember love covers a multitude of indiscretions and you must try and stay in touch with the member even if the relationship has become tense and difficult.

8. Also be assured that if a member is not living with you, or even if he has *‘disconnected’ from you, they will always read your correspondence despite what they may say to the contrary.

9. In any dealings with the organisation itself always communicate in writing and do not make any threats.

10. Forgiveness could be considered an unconditional aspect of love which you may find will enable you to continue when very difficult and tense times are trying to engulf you. Be encouraged, never give up for ‘Love never fails.’

* Disconnection is a term used in Scientology to deal with any opposition to the members continued and active involvement and entails the withdrawal of the member from any direct or indirect contact with the source of the opposition.





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